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Izohri Neruy : Chapter II
Chapter II : Council before Battle
It has been a decade since Alova saw the vision of G'tai'myo and Iftee'hh, plotting the murder of Raeb'gaui. Alova pushed away the vision, as some bad dream, as she was told. And so those years have passed in peace. But quite recently, people have been disappearing. An entire village in the northern end of the forest, near the swamps, has been abandoned, and the villagers have not been found. The forest people are fleeing south, and crossing the river to reach the desert. The northern part of B'togey is abandoned as well. Some say the faeries have left their swamps and are entering the city and forest. The evil is stirring, searching for victims. Overpowering all it reaches. Those without souls are changing, instead of dying, they are now living, but with no thoughts; They have no power over their actions. They are now part of the evil army of the faerie Anilyk, where they suffer and are trained to hate all. Evil rises with its shadows, and covers its
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Izohri Neruy : Chapter I
Chapter I : Evil upon Evil
Ivobia is very diverse in appearance, but the joyful spirit is the same throughout the land, apart from Tio'kata, the Land of the Great Swamps.
The capital city, B'togey, which consists of streamlined buildings placed in a geometrically perfect circle, is in the middle of the Kingdom. The capital is on the banks of a great lake, which reaches the Land of the Great Woods in the east of the land. There the lake meets a river, that runs from a stream in the great mountains of Gajoca, in the north-east of Ivobia. To the west of the city, lies the Land of the Great Moors, where grass plains and moors dominate the scenery. As we reach the south of the land, we find ourselves in the great cold desert of Pai'kata, where Beoia was born. To the north of B'togey are the misty, cold swamps of Tio'kata. Very few live here, partly because of the soil being very clammy and not fertile at all, and because of the evil that lies in the land there. Very close to the northern bo
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Izohri Neruy : Prologue
Prologue :: Words in Peace
The darkness falls quickly, and covers everything in a grey veil. Beyond the dark grey clouds on the navy sky, the moon struggles to surface. Finally it wins the battle and bathes everything in a pale white light. It shines on a large deep, deep black forest. For the ones who wander on the ground, the night sky and the many stars are only visible where there are no trees, in the patches of clearings.
A man walks among the ancient trees. A mortal of no power, and only the strength that he, himself, has. Without leader, or followers. A simple peasant. He stumbles upon a necklace on the forest ground and bends down to take it. He looks at it with curiosity. The string looks like matte leather, but feels like iron. A red polished gem hangs from a ring of shiny metal. "I might be able to get a good price for this at the market tomorrow," he says to himself and puts it in his pocket. He walks on, humming a song. Suddenly the necklace floats out of his pocket. A bri
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A vampire, dear... :iconlaiaiswelsh:laiaiswelsh 0 0 Deep Space : Celestial Sunrise :iconlaiaiswelsh:laiaiswelsh 1 1 Apocalyptic crash :iconlaiaiswelsh:laiaiswelsh 1 2 Head in the Clouds :iconlaiaiswelsh:laiaiswelsh 0 0
Winter into Summer
in darkness and winter.
Never thought,
I should see the sun again.
In the cold breeze,
I see my breath.
With closed eyes,
I see myself.
The mist closes around me.
I cannot see.
Any mystery,
shall be found and shown.
Before I know,
I bring back my summer gown.
They have found the truth.
Only now,
summer will rule.
Darkness has gone away.
The Cold,
has been reversed to warm.
Four children have defeated her,
the witch of winter.
And brought summer to this land once again.
Winter has been turned to summer.
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What is this?
This feeling, that
I've been trying all my life,
to find a of trace of.
Yet, I've had no such pleasure,
of finding what I'm looking for.
For all things disappear,
when I almost reach my goal
Though, it is difficult, I won't give up.
For giving up, equals weakness.
And you shall not show,
weakness on the Earth.
For weakness will give you enemies.
And friends will betray you.
Love will desert you.
Life will become ever so difficult.
Do not give up.
No matter what.
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Our mistakes, our wrongs
Power above all.
That is not an answer to anything.
Peace above all.
That is what we will not achieve.
You know:
Kingdoms, empires, countries.
They come and go.
You know:
All what we buy and steal;
it does not last.
If aliens were to visit earth,
they would laugh at us:
Of our so-called intelligence.
Putting small pieces of green paper,
on highest priority.
We all know how little it takes,
to make such tremendous mistakes.
But we continue to do so.
War! War! Oil! Oil!
Seems all we think of.
We torture the planet.
Our Earth, Tellus.
Unique, but not a neverending flow.
Oil! Oil! Diamonds! Diamonds!
Gold! Gold! Money! Money!
Don't you know?
Money cannot be eaten,
gold cannot shelter us.
We cannot breathe oil or diamonds.
Sometime, our dear planet,
will scream and cry:
I have done what I need to do.
No more, will I stand your bombing.
No more, will I stand your slaying.
Let me be!"
So we will start asking ourselves.
Is the biggest mistake in history,
the creation of
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Nothing Real
I don't care,
whether you think
before you act.
I don't care,
if you think I'm nice.
And I don't care,
if you think I'm not.
But I do care,
whether or not,
you think,
before hurting me,
with a rushed word.
I'm asking you now,
I'm just asking
now what do you
think you are.
And what do you
think you can.
You really think,
that you could reach a star.
You really think,
that you could save us all.
But I'm telling you now,
it's nothing but a bit of imagination.
Nothing real,
could ever be
that hard to find.
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Gibraltar :iconlaiaiswelsh:laiaiswelsh 0 1 October Sunset :iconlaiaiswelsh:laiaiswelsh 1 5
A Walk through Nature
My eyes open. Watching the shadows of the night. The fragrance of flowers fills my room. The trees outside my window stand still. A windless night. No sound, but the occasional howl of a wolf, is heard. The tranquility. The moon appears among the clouds on the sky, shines through my window. Full moon. All of the sudden, the wind starts blowing, weeping through the leaves of the trees. A beginning storm. I get up. Put on my cloak and open the window. I climb carefully down the ladder by my window. I reach the ground, where I immediately start running, the wind slashing my cloak from my back, heading for the nearby forest. In darkness.
Once in the forest, I speed down. Walking slowly. Watching the owls and the bats. The fireflies. The animals active at night. I see a wolf, running through the forest. I run again, reaching the west edge of the woods. Still in the night. I look around, seeing it's a cemetery. A sculpture of Virgin Mary, stands light grey against the crimson night. Walking
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The Lady's Lament
Slowly, I open mine eyes,
expecting to find thee by my side.
But as I look, I remember:
thou left and would never return.
I close my eyes again,
going back to sleep,
where thou reside with me;
where we art together, in dreams.
I dare to wish for thou to stay,
that thou would never leave me.
I send the wish upon the stars;
hoping that it will come true.
A wish fulfilled is what I want,
the only thing I have in mind.
But as happy we were, I was awaken,
and back to the grey world I was taken.
I thought of the first time we met,
many a year ago, in the forest.
I told thee this, my dear Knight:
"My heart belongs with thee."
And always we were together,
until the day where thou went oversea.
They told me the war would come.
I had a dream, that thou would die.
"My dear Knight, thou must not go,
for I have seen in my dreams, thou,
laying in blood from thy heart."
But thou waved me off: "worry not."
For thou was ordered by the King
to go and fight along the soldiers,
the Knights and the peasant
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Change of Seasons :iconlaiaiswelsh:laiaiswelsh 0 2



laiaiswelsh's Profile Picture
Looking at my journal archives, I see entries with at least six months between them in average. That's mighty lousy, but what can you expect of the Queen of negligence and procrastinating? At least I live up to my nickname.

I've been spending even less time being productive in the last months, than ever before. Oh yeah, do you remember the journal entry from November 2003 where I talked about a screenplay I was writing? Well, I didn't finish it. And it's not only my freetime writing that's suffering under my inability to actually do something productive, instead of spending countless hours surfing the internet and doing nothing at all, I have two Danish essays, one English essay and one Sociology report that I haven't finished yet. The Danish essay was due on February 16 this year. That's bloody three months late and counting. But I can't pull myself together to actually do something about it. Adding the fact that I'm absolutely hopeless at writing essays (I much prefer reports) results in rather angry teachers. And unfortunately I'm quite perfectionistic in the bad way, that is, I will not hand in any assignment in Danish or English, until I am completely satisfied with it. I'm a slow worker as well, so in order for me to be satisfied about something, I need to have been working on and off on it for at least 6 months, and that's just bad. No teacher gives you deadlines that lie 6 months in the future.

Oh well, I better finish my Biology report. At leasy Biology is a subject I can actually do with ease. I demand more Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology, and less Danish, English and Sociology. Heh~ (^_^)


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